Content License

Private Label Rights License

Our Content Boxes in our OneClick MBA membership and our standalone Content Boxes are sold to you with a Private Label Rights License.  Please note: this license only applies to our content boxes in the OneClick MBA membership. 

You can do almost anything you want with this content!

  • You may modify the content and the templates for your unique business, audience, and brand. This includes rewriting and tweaking the content, in addition to modifying for your brand colors, fonts, and logos.

  • You may publish the content on your blog, use the content your email broadcasts, post on your social media accounts, and use for a podcast episode and videos.

  • You may publish content and use as a lead magnet to grow your email list.

Please note, the Private Label Rights License does not allow:

  • You may not give any Reselling or Private Label rights to others.

  • You may not share the content with others. The content are for your use only. If someone wants to use the content, they need to purchase the membership or one of our Content Boxes.

  • For service providers: To use the content, each client must purchase their own license.