5 Secrets for Evergreen Sales Funnels to Sell Your Digital Product

convertkit digital product sales funnel Oct 04, 2021

Evergreen sales funnels are the holy grail in selling your digital product like an online course or membership site. In my business, I mainly sell my courses on autopilot all year long. Once or twice a year, I will do a live event like a virtual summit or a webinar, but those events are time-consuming and don’t consistently deliver the results that you’d expect.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the secrets I’ve learned for evergreen sales funnels so you can sell your digital products like your online course or membership site on automation.

 Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. 5 Secrets for Evergreen Sales Funnels to Sell Your Digital Product
  2. What’s Required in an Evergreen Sales Funnel
  3. Tools Needed for Your Evergreen Sales Funnel

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  1. You need several traffic strategies to fill up your funnel
  2. Don’t forget to include a cart close deadline
  3. Your success is not dependent upon the tools you use
  4. Don’t set it and forget it
  5. Over time, you’ll need to update your lead magnet

Secret #1: You need several traffic strategies to fill up your funnel

You need several traffic strategies to fill up your funnel. The reality is if no one knows that your lead magnet exists, they aren't going to sign up for it. In this article, I cover several different traffic strategies that you can use to fill up your funnel to sell your digital product on automation.

Secret #2 Don’t forget to include a cart close deadline

Secret number two is don't forget to include a cart close deadline. I have learned that if you don't give your prospect a deadline to buy, they won’t decide to buy. Even with evergreen sales funnels, you need a cart close deadline.

This can be driven by a bonus they will get or a discount if they purchase by the cart close deadline. For instance, if you purchased by this date, you will get $100 off and if they come back to purchase after that date, the price goes up by $100.

This is not an artificially imposed deadline; it is an authentic cart close deadline which encourages urgency.  

Secret #3: Your success is not dependent upon the tools you use

There are a ton of products on the marketplace that will work for your evergreen sales funnel. A lot of folks get stuck in the tech trying to figure out what they should use.

My recommendation is to pick one and move forward because your success is not dependent upon whether you use Convertkit, Active Campaign, Leadpages, ClickFunnels, or Kajabi. Your success is dependent upon your marketing and your offers, not the tools you use.

Secret #4: Don’t set it and forget it

Secret number four is don't set it and forget it. Even though this is an evergreen sales funnel and it runs on automation, you will still need to monitor your data and make any tweaks as necessary.

For instance, you’ll want a minimum of a 30% conversion rate on your landing page for your lead magnet. You'll also need a monitor your email open rates in your clickthrough rates. This may require you to tweak email subject lines or email copy if your open rates or clickthrough rates are low.  

Secret #5: Over time, you’ll need to update your lead magnet

Over time, you’ll need to update your lead magnet. Industry trends change, and the needs of your audience will change. This will require you to change your training, either the content of the training or the format. Maybe your audience is really into podcasts. If this is the case, consider updating your evergreen sales funnel to an audio series and see how it converts.


Here's what's required in an evergreen sales funnel:

Requirement #1: Traffic

You’ll need to have several traffic sources for your evergreen sales funnel, which is just people who find out about you and want to sign up for your evergreen sales funnel lead magnet. Think about it this way, if people don’t know that you exist, how will they find out about your lead magnet? There are several ways that you can drive traffic into your funnel.

Guest podcasting

Guess podcasting is one of my favorite ways to drive traffic into my evergreen sales funnels. To be a guest on a podcast, simply find a podcast that your ideal customer listens to and contact the podcast host to see if they'd be interested in having you on as a guest.

There are several different options for you to find podcast owners looking for guests just like you. Sign up for https://podcastguests.com/ and join Facebook groups like this one to find podcast guest opportunities.

SEO and Pinterest

Another traffic source is using blogging and Pinterest, so when your ideal customer searches for related keywords, they can find you! I have started several websites with this strategy alone. It is essential to build up one of your best assets, your website, and grow that to show up on the front page of Google.

Speaker at Events

Another way to drive people into your funnel is to be a speaker at an event like a virtual summit. This is a great way for you to invite people to sign up for your lead magnet for your evergreen sales funnel.

Participate in Joint Venture Bundles

One of my favorite ways to drive traffic into evergreen sales funnels is to participate in an industry bundle. This could be a paid bundle or even a free bundle, but the critical thing here is to have a lead magnet that you can include in that bundle so that when people sign up for that lead magnet, they’re in your evergreen sales funnel.

Requirement #2: Lead Magnet

In your evergreen sales funnel, you need a lead magnet. This can be a recorded webinar or a mini-course. It can even be an audio or video series.  

To attract action takers, it’s important to create a lead magnet that’s worthy of a Facebook ad This is a high-value lead magnet, so when someone is glancing at a post you’ve made on social media or reading a blog on your website, the offer catches their eye, and immediately, they think, “This is PERFECT for me!”

Requirement #3: Registration & Thank You Page

Next, you need a registration page for your lead magnet. This is a page where people will sign up for your high-value offer like your recorded webinar. They will give you their name and email address and click on the button to sign up.

After they enroll, on the next page, you will show them your thank you page. This page lets them know that their information was received, and they should check their email for how to access their free training or offer. You can also include a link on this page to access their free training immediately and any other action you’d like for them to take, like joining a free Facebook group.

Requirement #4: Sales Page

In your evergreen sales funnel, you will need a sales page for your offer. If you’re offering a recorded webinar as your lead magnet, you can place the webinar training at the top of your sales page so attendees can watch the training and see your sales page simultaneously.

Point your registrants back to your sales page if you’re offering a mini-course or an audio series.

At the top of your sales page, you'll have your countdown timer. This timer will show the attendee how long your special offer is available, typically 3-7 days.

Once somebody clicks on your sales page, that timer will start, and the special offer will expire within X days

Requirement #5: Email Retargeting Sequence

For attendees who do not purchase your online course or sign up for your membership, you will continue to retarget them via email until the cart closes.


 Here are the tools you need to set up your evergreen or automated sales funnel:

Required Tool #1: Landing Page Builder

You will need a landing page builder to create your evergreen sales funnel. You will use this tool to complete your registration and thank you page and even your sales page.

I recommend that you use a landing page builder like Leadpages or Kajabi because those pages have been tested and are proven to convert, so if you're just a beginner or just starting out, you can easily use a landing page builder for any pages needed in your sales funnel.

You can even use Kajabi to deliver your recorded webinar. As an example below, you can see that I’ve included a recorded webinar at the top of my sales page.

Required Tool #2: Email Service Provider

To set up your Evergreen sales funnel, you will also need an email service provider. I recommend ConvertKit. With ConvertKit, you can easily add tags and run automations so that your evergreen sales funnel runs on autopilot.  

Required Tool #3: Countdown Timer

A countdown timer will allow you to create urgency in your evergreen sales funnel. I like Deadline Funnels for this. You can use the integrated countdown timer on your sales page and in your email communications.

Required Tool #4: Payment Processer

Many online course platforms already have a payment processor integrated into their platform. If you use a platform like Thinkific, Teachable, or Kajabi, then you’re good to go here! If you host your online course on your Wordpress site, then you’ll need a payment processor like ThriveCart to take payments from your customers.

 Want to see how these sales funnel landing pages look in Kajabi? Watch the short video and sign up for the free masterclass!

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